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We must all learn to take responsibility for our actions and reactions.  This does not mean learning to be perfect.  It means that you must constantly look for ways to improve and then imagine, plan, and work.

As life forces changes, opportunities, challenges, you must be nimble!  Evaluate and start planning again.

You are never there.  But you can learn to accept change and grow with it.  Maybe we can even learn to value change.

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Most of us are good employees, we love our families and friends, we work to make our world more to our liking.  But are we in control?

As good employees, are we proactive with our career?  Do we periodically evaluate where we are and work to improve?  Or, do we go with the flow because that is easiest.

As family members, do we ever take time to consider what we could do to improve our time with loved ones?  What more we could do with them or for them?  Many of us are so tired with the combination of work and family, that we no longer have the energy or inclination to actually direct our own course.

Throw in your health, your time with friends, and you are likely pegged.  Most of us are.

Finally, add in screens.  Do you watch the news? Have Twitter going?  Watching too much Netflix?  Can't get off of YouTube?  How about video games?  By the time we are done with work and getting kids to all of their activities, we are usually way to fried to do more than look at the TV.

If you feel like you are not in control and that you have too much going on, you are in much company.

For most of us, the first way that we can take back personal responsibility, is to take an honest look at our margins.

First, learn to monitor and maintain your various margins, time, money, health, energy, relationships / spirituality.  This most important first step will bring you an immediate sense of personal responsibility.

Personal Responsibility: Text
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